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I hate that I was born

I hate my life. I hate what myself is. Ihate my familly. I hate that I was born.

I hate that I’m exist with people like this when your familly all they do is break you down and kill you and stopped your breathing and when all your friends all they did to me is stabs me in my bed and my bf keep lieing and cheating on me while all I do is give him all I had.

I hate myself, I hate everyone. I wanna run away.


  1. What made you hate everything? If your bf is acting this way why dont you break up now instead of being in pain

  2. Be stronger and find a good way to solve your problems. Don’t be stupid to end your life in depression. It’s not a good choice! You eventually will go in the right path! Just keep peace in your mind and put your hand on your heart and say: ” Everything will be fine”. Please be aware of facing up with difficulty in your life. Think in a positive ways although it’s hard to do that at first. Every problem in life always has the solution for it. So don’t give the low value of live. You are worthy living in this life and having a good life. Find your passion and the number – one motivation to keep your mind’s eyes to alive ad live a better live. You have to start a new live!!!

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