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I’ve been sexually harassed at school

I’ve been sexually harassed at school numerous times. It all started at the end of my 7th grade year.

It started with small unnoticeable things that I rarely thought about. I thought it was a joke or maybe he was just trying to show me he liked me. Then this year in 8th grade it’s escalated he constantly says disgusting things to me.

I finally got the courage to tell the principal today. I am NOT an angel. I do have some things I’m defiantly not proud of on my school disciplinary record. Which makes my principal and vice principal etc. not believe me. I’m prepared to take this to the school board and possibly take legal action if need be.

THIS IS NOT OKAY. HE DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE TO ME. Believe me I have said some rude/semi-disgusting things to him a while back. But that all stopped when I started getting in trouble for my actions. And since then I’ve stopped my impulsive behaviour.

Although I do put up my middle finger occasionally for the things he constantly says pisses me tf off. I don’t want to be punished for “lying” which I think the principal is going to try to say that I’m lying. I told my parents and they went to the school today and said that if need be they’d go all the way to the board if they didn’t get this solved quickly. They even threatened to file a lawsuit against the school. I’m just scared no one will believe me and I’ll be known as the “girl who cried wolf.”


  1. Stepping up and telling your truth is scary and you have a lot of courage. I know that if I tried to do that at my school in your situation people would hate me. You’re lucky you have people who support you.

  2. Umm…. Just don’t be scared when i read your story you are the correct and he is wrong
    Believe in your self and teach him a good lesson?
    I know you feel right now but that’s how the life is
    Life is all about challenges you need to face it??
    And there are some people who will believe you.

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