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I surely can say he is the perfect guy for me

I recently started talking to this guy. I know him from a long time ago, as we go to the same college. I never really expected someone so amazing in my life, he is so calm and collected, sorted and way more matured.

I surely can say he is the perfect guy for me, he feels the same for me. But the problem is I am not into relationship stuff, and I fear I will loose such a precious person from my life.

He asked me to give us a shot, and also promised we will stay connected if we ever end it. But I have been here before and I have known the consequences, with some other guy, but he is different and I cannot afford to loose him.

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  1. give it a chance, have the opportunity to get to know the good the bad the crazy all that. no promise if you guys were to end that you guys as friends would still be the same but you get to live with the fact that you got to know a great person like him and be able to be with him.

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