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I have just 30 minutes left in my life

So here is my story I have just 30 minutes left in my death because I take poison that kills me in between 49 minutes so here is my story, or I can say the flop story.

We all have some dreams in our life like others I have such dreams too. But I don’t do any action regarding my dreams and now I am demotivated completely. My dream was to became a powerful men in the world who can do good things for people I believe every person should have same right, no one sleep with hunger everyone can complete their targets by this kinds of thinking I decided to work hard regarding my carrier and I started focusing on my education but due to my bad fortune I am living in India, I proud to be Indian but don’t proud to live with such kinds of people who fucked their life just because of cast system.

I was working hard in my study even some time I worked for other, so I can do some more good work. I was always hungered for knowledge and experiences but unfortunately this kind of feeling that I am feeling right now is intolerable for me. Indian education is shit they don’t care if you are working hard or not I was the first person in my class that completed every class work at regular interval, but teachers don’t give me good internal number because of my cast “general” ya most of you know start thinking you are in general cast, so it should be fare for you.

No man it does not same thing as it looks like the others cast of people like others don’t accept me at all and I now I am feeling very pain in my heart okk I going to end this here I think my time coming. Before I died my wish to not come to this world again I hate you human.


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