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Hi, my name is Wasim Rana, I am from Nao…

Hi, my name is Wasim Rana, I am from Naogaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am going to share my life story so let’s start. It was 1994 when I was born in a small village called Aihai what is under Sapahar thana and Naogaon district very close to India. My father is a farmer and mother is house wife. We have got three brother and no sister, I’m the 2nd. As I can remember when I was going to school as a baby class student then it was very hard time for our family.

Time was like very critical to live and get food three times in a day. It was going like this when I was in class four then my father said enough, you don’t need to study more. Stop it and work as a cowboy. That time even I was not getting a light (Lantern) properly to read in the evening due to Kerosene oil as my father wasn’t agree to buy Kerosene for my study as he hadn’t has enough money.

After listen to stopping my studies from my father I was shocked, I was thinking in that time what I will do? I never can work as a cowboy. Then I was used to work beside study. Getting less time for school and study as working as a cowboy. I had been saying to my father there is a scholarship in class five by the govt. please give me a chance if I achieved that I will continue study otherwise I will stop forever.

My father said okay you can but beside working as a cow boy. I had been said okay. So beside working as cowboy I did my study as well though I got less time. Next year (2004) I am class five and the candidate to attend the scholarship. I attended and got the General Grade scholarship. Then my father was very happy to see my success as all people around our village was keep saying your son is very talent don’t stop him to study.

Okay in 2005 I am in class Six and 11 years old. As I got the scholarship that is why govt. provide me a small fund (300tk.) monthly basis for 3 years. Then I used work in paddy field in seasonally and earn some money to maintain my costs like books, exercise books, pant, shirts and so. Time was like I was wearing only shirt and part for year. It was 2008 and I am in class Eight. Father again said stop studding and work in filed with me for others. I said no, there was another chance for scholarship in class Eight I don’t want to miss that chance to achieve that. Again I said if I got scholarship in class Eight I’ll continue study otherwise work with you in field for others.

In that time my maximum school friends owned a by cycle but in my case not. I never mind for that, always thought I will by one day by myself. Times going and I attended the scholarship but I didn’t get it for couple of marks. Now it’s time to stop my study and start working in field with my father. But people in our village and teacher said to my father don’t stop him. It’s a mistake. Next time in SSC (Secondary School Certificate) he will do the best, my father got agreed by pressure of villagers and teachers and said okay but work in field seasonally and continue study.

Time was going too fast and I reached in Class TEN (2009) and final exam will held by January 2010. I was going to school and taking preparation to make a glorious result. Time was like not enough money to buy Kerosene Oil and I was getting some help from people and school teacher to buy Kerosene and exercise book. One other thing I was a full free student in the school for fees. In 2010 time for final exam of SSC and I have to make a glorious result for sure.

I had attended the exam and got GPA 5.00 Out of 5.00 (A+) from general science group. I was the only one in our batch to got GPA 5.00 among 60+ students. After that my family, villagers, teachers was very happy for my result. Now it’s time to get admitted in college but my father hadn’t enough money to bear the cost and he had nothing to say, I got it and think that my father is not capable to bear the cost I know. From where he will get the money? I know all the condition and situation of my family.

I got out from home one day with (257tk.) and one of my teacher gave me 200tk. in total 457tk. I had. I had an uncle by village who lived in the District Naogaon. I went to him and said everything and he said he will take care me. Then I got admitted in a Govt. Polytechnic Institute by merit for 4 year diploma course in computer technology and started studding. In that time uncle provided me some money to purchase a bed and settled in a student mess. I got settled but I had nothing like a phone, well dress and so. In a week I was getting 35-50tk. from uncle. Time was like there is not a single penny as pocket money and passed lots of days without having food.

September 2010 I started college in first semester and wasn’t able to pay semester fees like 650tk. then I applied for a fund in the college and got the fund through my result to do registration for free. I was in Computer technology and I hadn’t a computer even a mobile. I used to see my friends computer. My father used to sending me a little amount of money in that time to live in mess. Then I started searching tution from door to door. I got one and salary was 150tk./Month then got another one in next month 700tk. for a family four children. My total month cost was 3000tk. but I was getting 1600tk. – 2000tk.

Day by day I was getting more students and I used to continue with 6 home with 6 students. One home = 1.20 hours then another home again another home in 6 different places. I used to wake up in the morning 5AM and fresh and go for tution to student home. In morning there was 3 students I means I was going to 3 home one after. Now I earn good to live and maintain studies. I started sending a little to home to my parents every month.

But I hadn’t a computer. One other thing I forgot to mentioned that is when I was in class Eight then I have been seen a news in a newspaper that someone is earning 35k/month working from home with a computer I took decision in that day, one day I will do that as it inspired me more and I was walking towards computer to fill up my dreams and got admitted in computer technology. But I don’t have a computer in that time.

I started to go to a Cyber cafe and talked with the owner and tell the truth and said I want to learn something about online earnings. He said as you are poor so I can help to use my computer but there is a condition you will have to work here too, like taking bills from customer and when there will be a free computer then you can work. I said okay I can do that.

Time was like this and I was keep practicing in the Cyber Cafe. So I had no time to go to college and attend classes. I went college for only one semester after that I was busy with Tution and learning online based works. I was only going to attend the exam in the college in time per semester. Then by tution I get an offer to work in a coaching center as a teacher for Three to Eight class students and I started that. Then my life was like 5AM – 10AM tution to 3 homes. 11AM – 2PM in Cyber Cafe, 3PM – 6PM coaching, 7PM – 11PM another 3 homes for tution, 12AM – 5AM sleeping hours.

So by coaching I got a colleague and get introduced with his one of friend who had small sister to tution and I leave one and get a new one. My new students brother was a student in LAW in the capital Dhaka. He was a professional freelancer too. After introduced him and said everything about me he was happy and said I have an old computer if you want that I can give you for free to learn your works. I said yes. I got that after one month he sent it to me from Dhaka. Now I have computer but no internet connection, then the Cyber Cafe owner whom I called brother gave me a modem for 15 days and recharge it by 2GB for 1 month. 2GB was not enough for one day in computer but I used it for 1 month so only for learning.

So time goes like this and I don’t know when I reached in 6th semester as there was only 2 semester remaining to complete my 4 year diploma course. In that time I know a little bit about web design and development. Then I started searching jobs in online and found a platform Upwork formerly oDesk. I had created an account there and start bidding in work what I can do. No response from clients as I was totally new even doesn’t know how it’s work. I had knew only people can make money from this website, that’s it.

So it was 2014 and I didn’t attend the final exam due to an unavoidable reason and I lost one year from life. I was not nervous and was doing all the works I was doing like this and suddenly I took decision to move Dhaka to that person who gave me the computer, the reason was I’ve lost one year so I can spend that time to learn something from him to stay there as he is a professional and I saved some money from my tution income that is why I moved in Dhaka.

As he knows about me that’s why game me a place to sleep in night in the office as he had a temporary office in Dhaka. I can cook that is why I used to cooked for them in that office and do other works like go to market and purchase daily accessories like oil, onion. potato, as we need to lead live and working in free time in online market place to find work. I learn some techniques and tips by my students brother.

After couple of months like it was October 2014 and I got a clients from Portugal. It was the first job I did for $85 and took time 12 hours. How much happy I was in that time I am unable to explain. After that I got started getting clients from different countries in the world. One thing I was good in English from childhood that is I was proficient to talk with foreign clients. I purchased new computer in March 2015 and attended my final exam and completed diploma course. I have everything now like one laptop, one desktop and one smart phone. Now I work as a full time web designer and developer and time is going very well.

My father had some loans and I paid all of those in a day and my parents was very happy as I am making money and maintaining the family cost. So in August 2016, I got admitted in a Private University (Daffodil International University) which cost is 5,00,000tk. (5 Lakh ) for in Computer Science and Engineering and I am maintaining the full cost doing web design and development work in online and maintaining my family as well and along side building a house in my village what is taking cost 20,00,000tk. (20 Lakh). by the prayers of my parents and peoples.

Thanks God to give me chance to meet with awesome people who helped me lots and I’ll never forget them and I am owe to everyone who helped and prayed for me. This is my life story. Now I want to create a milestone world wide about helping peoples who are in frustration about their life.

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