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How can focus my mind off of her and on something else

Hey well I’m here because My ex girlfriend is dating my friend and I can’t stop getting the feeling that I still have feeling for her. Every time I see her and my friend walking by, I get very angry inside but I know if I try to destroy they’re relationship that make a terrible friend and a even horrible ex boyfriend, but how can focus my mind off of her and on something else.


  1. Watch cats and dogs videos. It’ll make you better in a flash. Start hanging out with other friends more often and remember, THEY are always there for you.

  2. I believe that if she even wanted you back she wouldn’t be with your friend. But watching them isn’t going to make you happy so I would suggest staying completely away from them for a while. You do not have to be rude towards them but just focus on spending time on yourself and find hobbies that you may like or talking to other people may help ( like the other person said hanging out with other friends) If you don’t have other friends then I suggest finding new friends first.
    I hope you get over that girl because she doesn’t sound like she’s worth losing any sleep over, if they’re happy together then they deserve each other. Find someone else to be happy with, I know that it’s easier said than done but I truly wish you the best.

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