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I’m kind of sad knowing that I could be perfect, but I’m not

So I like this guy, and I know I shouldn’t because I’m fat, ugly and dumb. He is a really nice friend. I have no problem making guy friends. I’m kind of sad knowing that I could be perfect, but I’m not. Any advice?


  1. Nobody could be perfect, no matter how hard or long you try. It’s not good to think like that about yourself. I think that the word ugly is used wrong a lot of times. I think that people like me use the word ugly when we’re scared to admit that we’re beautiful inside and out. If this person does not see how great of a person you are then its not worth it. Let him see that you are the beautiful girl that you are. Be your true self. Never let any one get in the way of your beauty. There is so such thing as fat,skinny,ugly,or dumb because those are the things that make a person who they are. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

  2. Honey, you are absolutely perfect, just the way you are! You never know if you don’t try, so open your heart and let him see you just as you are.

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