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Our friends don’t know about us

I’ve already posted a story about a guy I have met. Long story short, we go to the same college, started as friends, and now we are dating. We can’t really say “Dating”, as we actually have something like people in relationship, but we haven’t put a tag on it.

Our friends don’t know about us. In fact, no one really knows. We also shared a kiss. But now I’m stuck at this feeling, we both agree we are happy at this very moment, with what we have between us, sometimes I feel like taking it further, but then I remember that I am in my home town for only a couple of years, if we take it any further, it will be worst when we fall apart. We both have been through long distance relationships (with different person), and it has been bad in both of our opinions. He works, so he is almost busy the whole day, being in the same city too it feels like we are miles apart. I can’t even share anything with my friends as they don’t know, so I had to post it here anonymously.

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