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I know you will never read this line

I know you will never read this line, never come back again to me, and believe me I also not want to you to come back again. But here are some question for you which I not asked to you on our last meeting. Because I know you don’t have answers for them, for just to give some peace to my broken heart, which still don’t understand how this all can happen. Here are some question which regularly crossed my mind, every day, every minute, every second, Maybe not you, someone will understand my condition and help me to get out from this.

Why you left me?
Why you betrayed me?
Why you never understand my love?
Why you killed my dreams?
Why you came into my life?
Why you played with my feelings?
Why you showed my so much sympathy?

How can you forgot my name?
How can you forgot all the Nights which we spend together?
How can you refused to accept my love in front of your parents?
How can you do that, I just want to know how can you break a person’s heart who loved you. Loved you from the day when he don’t know the name of love.?
How can you leave alone a person, for whom his world was just you , who had never dreamed his life without you.?
How can you forgot all those nights, which we spend by just looking at each other.?
How can you just changed?
How can you choose any other person ?

What was my fault?
What I have not done for you?
What I have not sacrificed for you, my education, my carrier. ?

Where was I wrong?
Where should I go now?

I am in completely depressed stage of my life, don’t know what to do next, where to go, from whom to meet. Whom to blame, for my condition, how to manage my life again, how to stand up again. In fact, I still don’t understand after loving you so much, how could you do this to me.
That was not a just relationship, which you broke easily, that was everything for me, I poured my everything to make you smile, and after all this, what I got, social discouragement, everyone proved me wrong just because of your silence, just because of your selfishness.
It’s Ok, now you are not mine, you are with someone other, but I will wait for you in the Hell. I will meet you on the final day, and then I will ask you all these questions from you directly face to face.
Hope to meet you soon.

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