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Everyday, I feel more and more tired

I feel extremely homesick. I miss my family. I miss the only people who love and care about me no matter what happened. I’ve gotten so distant from them and I feel it increasing little by little and I’m scared that one day, I’ll be too far to reconnect with them. I feel everyday more and more depressed, everyday I feel myself letting go of everything that keeps in this world. And I am trying, well I hope so. But nothing seems to work.

Everyday, I feel more and more tired, less hungry, more numb and no one noticing. Mostly, because I don’t want them to know. Don’t want to cause anyone trouble. The only four people I am willing to give it all and fight myself is for my mom, dad, sister, and brother. I will do anything for them. But I’m losing to myself, and if I do that will hurt my family so much, they might never forgive me…

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