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It feels like I want to give up and cry

It feels like I want to give up and cry. This guy today pushed me off a chair in my reading class on a Friday. EVERYONE LAUGHED!!! I laughed at first to hide my emotions.

On Monday, I cried in reading class to not hold back my feelings. The teacher asked me whats wrong. I told the whole story. Now that boy is mad at me. HIS FRIENDS WILL HURT ME!!!! NO ONE CARED!!!I feel so alone


  1. Get up and fight back no matter what, sometimes just sometimes in your life stand for yourself and fightback. Tell the story to your parents or an adult you can trust. Believe me it will help when you tell your folks about it!!
    Take care. There are people who care about you.

  2. I’m so sorry that happened… This is what advice i can give you with these bullies. They seek bad intentions to others because they feel poorly about themselves, what you can do is show them how strong and confident you then they won’t mess with you. The reason they are messing with you is because they know your weak and won’t stand up for yourself. You can do this…. Be brave….

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