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But in class 10 he was teasing me by taking my father’s name

So there is this guy named Dhrubajeet who once in class 9 started teasing me and the next day when I took revenge he beat me in front of the whole class and I got shocked and felt depressed.

But in class 10 he was teasing me by taking my father’s name, so I took his and he reacted as he did not say it and after the teacher was goon, heme from behind and punched me in the back and tried to pull me out of the bench and beat me again but our sports Sir came and pulled us away and controlled the situation.

The next day I was so scared and nervous. I went in my class and told the class monitor to complain what happened. The teacher called me and him and I said what happened and he lied that I was a bad boy and took over student’s fathers name. But I said he was lying and told ma’am that I would never talk to him and he should never talk to me. But after the summer vacation he again started taking my father’s name, tease me and scare me. Now Ifeel so much anxiety and depression. But I hope you would read my story and give value to it. Thank you.

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  1. Hi, you either have to talk to the teachers or someone you trust until they take you seriously and prevent him from harming you, or you can try to ignore him if he’s just teasing you with words. Just don’t listen to him, know that what he is doing has no space in your mind, and focus on better things instead. But if he keeps beating you, you have to get help!

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