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She says she’ll pay me back, but never does

Right now, I’m not talking with one of my friends, and I’m wondering if I’m being manipulated by.

She always made me feel bad about myself, whether it’s my clothes or my hairstyle, and she made me feel bad when I wasn’t helping her.

I was studying for my midterm, and she needed groceries, but she told me last minute. I told her I was studying for a midterm, so I couldn’t take her, so she made the comment that I must be really having a hard time in this class. She had taken this class before, and it was an easy class, so she assumed I didn’t really need to study.

When I asked why she would think that, she was like, if you can’t take one hour out of your time to help me, you must be having a hard time in the class. I told her that was not the point, but she made me feel bad about not taking her to get groceries, cause I didn’t want her to be mad, so I ended up taking her.

She called me a bitch in front of my other friends, and say’s I’m not as nice as I seem, cause I’m sassy towards her and she takes it as bitchiness.

None of my friends like her, and she has asked favors of my friends when she’s not close with them, like buying her fake eyelashes. When she gets mad at me, she lets all her emotions out, and expects me to value her opinion, but when I tell her what I feel, she says I’m taking things too seriously.

I’ve spent a lot of money on her, cause she says her financial situation isn’t the best. We planned a road trip, and it was last minute, so I wasn’t expecting her to pay for a lot of the stuff, but two days before the road trip, she buys herself $90 pair of shoes, and tells me she doesn’t have the money to pay for the hotel.

She buys herself name brand shoes and purses, but she tells me she doesn’t have money, and expects me to pay for a lot of the stuff when we go out. She says she’ll pay me back, but never does, and when I bring it up, she tells me to chill, and says it’s only a couple of dollars. I’ve talked with my friends, and they says I should distance myself from her.

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