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The nurse ate and killed my baby

This a story of my baby Kate. I need to this story because I can’t keep it inside anymore. I’ll get started now…

So name is Hannah and I’m seventeen and I had my baby girl named Kate on October 30th this year. My water broke at 6 P.M. and the next thing I knew there was a tiny little beautiful baby girl on my chest and all I could think was wow she is beautiful and perfect. I just kept telling myself that over and over and over again.

Then when I had Kate go to the place, they keep babies I got some rest. The next day I woke up and asked the nurse to bring Kate to me, but the nurse said I had to take a bath…

So, I did and then when I asked for Kate, she said I couldn’t hold her yet and I was pretty upset. Then about 1 hour later I asked the nurse to please bring me my baby girl… The nurse said I couldn’t hold Kate until ten P.M., and it was only 3 P.M. so I got very angry like any new mother would.

I asked the nurse one more time to bring me my baby girl. The nurse said no, and I freaked out and started balling and kept asking her why I wasn’t able to see my child and the nurse said because he said so.

When I asked the nurse, who said so she said the voice. At that moment all I could think about was screaming where is my baby? Then all the sudden the nurse said I’m sorry for the confusion and I’ll bring Kate right to you. About twenty minutes later she walks in with a baby. It wasn’t Kate it was Asian, I started explaining to the nurse that this little Asian baby boy wasn’t my baby.

Then 1 minuet later… A doctor walked in with Kate and I was so thankful, so I gave the doctor the Asian baby and I took Kate and held her for about ten minutes all wrapped up and the doctors were not in the room.

Kate needed a diaper change and right before I unwrapped her, she gave me this huge smile and she giggled a tiny bit and my heart melted it was the cutest little thing ever! The I unwrap her blanket and there is blood all up her back and on her legs and I wipe it thinking maybe it is my blood from holding her near my vaginal area and then I wipe the blood and Kate looks at me with her beautiful brown blueish brown eyes and smiles so big.

As I smile back, I look back down at the blood and notice these HUGE bite marks from a human everywhere. I screamed so loudly for the doctor and he comes and when he comes in, I hold Kate up and show the doctor and as I am doing that the nurse walks in with blood on her chin. Kate goes limp and I look at her and she is not breathing, and I start crying and give her to the doctor and he takes her, and he tells the nurse to go to Dr. Ambers office and then about 1 hour of balling Kate comes back wrapped up and her face covered, and the doctor tells me that the human saliva killed Kate. I lost my cool I just started screaming and crying and saying No and saying that the nurse should go die in a small burrow. After that we planned her funeral and buried her on November 5th and now, I am going to depressed the rest of my life.



  1. No words can explain your pain. I’m 19 yet I will never be able to understand what you went through. Your beautiful Kate will forever be in your heart and surely you will both meet in heaven.
    As for the nurse- there is nothing more that would ever disgust me. I’m really sorry for your loss. Your ‘story’, technically your reality will never change.
    But the nurse will get punished. Even if she get’s locked up for life- it still wouldn’t be enough. God will punish her regardless of her punishment in the world. Karma always comes back. Hannah, I pray that you and Katie along with your family get justice for the unbearable pain you’ve had to go through.

    P.s. i know that my words will never be enough to ease your pain. I’m sorry. I feel guilty alone about the fact that I have no more words to express my sorrow for you.

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