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I was kidnapped and tortured because I was open minded

Hello my name is AB and this is my story.

I’ve been forced out of my country due to these ideologies, Which revolve around religious differences and explosions and discrimination, The war started in Iraq my father disappeared my life went up side down.

We moved to Syria As a child I left Iraq in a complete state of trauma.

After arriving in Damascus I picked myself up and I began studying hard in school and I began to think about my future.

I was studying hard to get into medical school.

I remained in Syria until 2012

When we had leave again because of the Syrian war, And the place was beginning to see as our new home was being destroyed. Our future again began to look dark. we went back to Baghdad because we had no choice only to survive with the terrible situation in Baghdad.

It was only in April 2013

I was kidnapped and tortured because I was open minded.

I was lectured about Islam religion.

I became aware that my kidnappers were religious extremists. I was bleeding profusely from the wounds inflicted by the severe beating. I was even sexually harassed. On the last day I was hit on my head and I lost consciousness. I guess they thought I was dead from the blood that I lost. I was then dropped in the streets, a body with no soul, a head with no brain, covered with scars, bruises and wounds still bleeding, with a heart that is hardly pumping.

After treatment myself I fled Iraq to Jordan.

I can say the Kidnapping is one of the most psychologically damaging crimes ever.
I tried to rebuild my life. Learning English volunteered with international NGOs.

It’s always been important to me that I do something to help people.

I established group with my friends. We spent time once making fun activities and providing food and Financial support for these people.

I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done in my life so far. In that time I was reserving threatens death from Iraq.

This impact on my psyche.

I headed to turkey in 2015

I started a new life which was slowly enhancing, where psychology started getting better. I believed in Jesus when i was teenager

I couldn’t tell my family because they will never accept it.

The tradition for Muslims who leave the religion of Islam

Is apostate and grave sinner who should killed.

It became hard to hide the secret anymore.

I found love, freedom and mercy in Christ Jesus.

I want practice my faith freely.

I because of that I faced troubles with my family members and friends. They cut off the content.

They don’t believe that I have the right to be respectful or love.

How difficult it is when your own family does not respect your choices.

I’m terrifying diagnose with depression from what I have been through.

I’m refugee I’m not allowed to work. I’m trying to raise money to help me to get a stable life in Canada, through “students visa” i did not find safety or stability ever since 10 years now, with sorrowful nights and painful days moving from one country to another.

Thank for all of your prayers, love, and support

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