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As a young child I played like any other…

As a young child I played like any other kid and was full of dreams. I’d dream about growing up haven a beautiful family and bright future but little did I know things ahead that would be such a big impact in my life.there came a day when my mother sat us all down and told us she had cancer.

I remember seating there crying my eyes out as she comforted us as any mother would and said I’ll be fine the good lord got me. She wiped away our tears hugged us real close knowing in my heart wasn’t going to be fine but put on a smile for her.

As the years went on cancer took her strength and couldn’t work any more. So at this point turned to loved ones and close friends to take us in but the burden of us was to much for so many.

Then one day a life long friend let us live behind him rent was like home again till my mother could no longer walk and only layed in bed. Aat the time I was the only man of the house and had to watch over my sisters made sure they went to school. I would cook clean and care for my mother with ever need.

It was so hard being so young taking on such a big responsibility but I did what any child should do for there parents in there time of need.i don’t remember how long it was until her sister stepped in and took us in under her roof.

I went back to being a kid again going to school and playing with friends every day making sure to kiss and hug my mother every day but it was short lived.

I was at my dads brothers house when he called out for me to come inside with tears in his eyes. He asked me to sit and told me the one thing a child never wants to hear that my mother has passed today. I fell to my knees and poured my heart out as tears streamed down my face. I jumped up ran to the river cryed out to god asking why?

I felt so alone at that moment because my mother was everything to me. I wanted it all to be a joke but the day of the funeral came and said my good bye to the most amazing mother and kid could ask for.

It wasn’t not long after her passing my father showed up one day and wanted us to come live with him.

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