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I am so fucking depressed

I am so fucking depressed. My dad hates me because he expects me to be perfect all of the time, when I can’t be. Schoolwork takes me hours. My once best friend now hates me. My sister has anger issues, is aggressive towards me, so we fight all of the time. I told the guy I liked i didn’t like him because I was afraid of losing him and now he likes someone else. No one sees my pain. I put on a smile and i don’t know what to do anymore.

I haven’t seen my brothers in six months and I have to go on trial and defend someone who hates me right now. I am so lost. I try so hard to be happy. But i don’t find joy in the things i used to do. just need someone to hold me and help me.


  1. Hey. I get what you feel. I am going through the same same shit you are going through right now. Its hard i know but things will work out huh?
    i came here to write my story but reading yours.. i dont see any difference in both our lives. I hope you will work things out soon.
    Stay strong.

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