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I was to scared to tell him and now he’s moved on

Hi, I am a thirteen year old girl. I’ve had this guy as my best friend since we started preschool. Now that we go to middle school we’ve become distant (I am not from America or the United States so I have different school systems).

He goes in different class and hangs with new friends. It didn’t bother me at first, but now he’s got a girlfriend. Every time I talk to him she looks angry at me, probably because we used to have such a great relationship. I don’t like her at all and she has a bad influence on him. I saw them at this Christmas party the school had set up and it mad me so sad seeing them so happy.

They even got crowned best couple, and they were standing there, looking so happy and it broke my heart. Because I love him. I always have. But I was to scared to tell him and now he’s moved on. I know he will never be mine, but it still breaks my heart. I guess I should’ve just told him that I love him. But now its to late.

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