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I was so horny I wanked off as I looked at my mums naked body

So, I was 13 and really going through puberty I was such a horny teen.

Well I’d not seen a naked girl before and I started noticing my mums tight jeans and how her thongs would stick out and the shape of her bum it would get me hard if she bent over or walked past her tits were massive and shed wear low tops I’d stair at her cleavage as she bent over almost seeing her nipples.

I know she must of felt my eyes burning into her as everyday she got sexier she stopped been my mum and was this older sexy lady her thighs looked better then one day she had a tight short dress on tights high heels and the dress was low she was really dressed up.

I’d had like 5 wanks over her well as I’d stopped looking at her as a mom I got the confidence to come out with it can I see you naked sexy she looked shocked I said come on its all on show anyway she was uneasy I threw her off guard I think well I continued I know them big tits are a 36ff so let’s look she replied I’m your mum don’t talk like that I smiled I’ve wanked over your knickers and the fort of you she said you’re not guna get me out your system are you she lifted up her tight dress and slipped her skimpy thongs down showing her bald pussy off then she pulled down the dress reviling her huge tits I was so turned on I felt her boob and run my hand along her pussy I was so horny I wanked off as I looked at my mums naked body.


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