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People need to find happiness based off what excites them

You know what one problem I believe the world is having? Too many people are focused on who they should be based off what other people want instead of just being themselves.

People need to find happiness based off what excites them, what drives them, things that make them feel truly alive. It doesn’t matter what you’re in to.

There is someone else in the world that shares that same interest. It may take time to find that person, or those people. But in time, if you dedicate your time to what you love to do, you’ll find there are many other people that share the same amount of love for whatever that is.

Don’t do something that makes you unhappy just because you make money doing that. Do something that gives you fulfillment, something that you wake up every morning and are excited to go do. Plus, if you find something that truly makes you happy and you stick with it and stay dedicated.

You will become a master of whatever that is and eventually make enough money to continue doing that. It seems that nowadays people think that chasing the money will make them happy.

Money can buy you many things, but money cannot buy you true happiness. You’re better off to live a short life doing what you love than living a long life being miserable.

There’s a philosopher that I look up to. He says, “Try to imagine a life where money was no object. What and how would you spend your life?). If you’re having trouble deciding what you want to do in life, or feel unhappy with where you are in life. Do what this philosopher says. Imagine a life where money does not exist.

Then think to yourself and think deeply. How would you spend your life? When you come to a conclusion, you do that. It’s okay to be scared or nervous. That’s part of human nature. A good way to look at it for yourself is this… Imagine your beside a pool. You know the water in the pool is cold. But you want to go swimming. The fear of the freezing water makes you nervous and you second guess yourself.

Instead of walking away, jump into the pool. Once you’re in, you realize the water wasn’t as cold as you thought it would be. It was only a change of state from one place to another. And if the water is too cold, then you can always get out and find another pool. Think about what you would love to do in life.

Something that would make you truly happy. And go try doing that. When you’re doing that, if you love it then great. Stick to it, become dedicated. If you find out you don’t love it the way you thought you would, that’s okay. Get out of the pool. Think of something else you would love to do. Then go jump into that.

Eventually if you really think hard about this, you will find what youtruly love. And you will find that there are other people who share the same passion as you.

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