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It messed me and my 9 year old brother up a lot.

Okay so this is a new thing guess I’ll just get on with it though. I’m currently 16 and in February of 2014 I called the cops on my mom. She and her husband we’ll call him Gabe started (as far as I can remember) doing drugs right after my baby brother was born.

So instead of taking care of the new baby, my 9 year old brother and me they would lock themselves in the bathroom and do drugs. So all that left was me to take care of them. Now this part I’m not so mad about because I learned to be independent but it messed me and my 9 year old brother up a lot.

Okay so I’ll just explain the first incident I can remember. So Gave was tripping on something and thought that there were trolls living in the mattresses so my brother and I being so young didn’t think anything of it and thought it could’ve been real. Gabe then goes to the kitchen and gets a knife and starts cutting the mattress open while constantly saying that he sees something. Idk why I remember this one so specifically but I’m just glad that nothing violent occurred that time.

Now this next thing is the thing that will make me cry just thinking or talking about it. My mom one night just tossed herself down the stairs over and over and over again while Gabe watched, thank god my brother was asleep and didn’t see any of it.

So I see this happening and hold her arm as tight as I can while sees standing at the top of stairs backwards trying to fall backwards. I tried as hard as I could to stop her but she then smacked me which shocked me enough to let go and she fell again. I don’t know how she didn’t die from this but that scarred me for life. There’s a lot more but that’s what’s keeping me up tonight.

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