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I, like many other federal workers I’m sure, live paycheck to paycheck

This is the first article, of hundreds that I have read, that speaks so much truth in every sentence. I have been a federal worker for the Department of justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons for 4 years, 8 months. This is the first time in my life that I have worked a job and missed a paycheck while still being forced to work. Unfortunately I, like many other federal workers I’m sure, live paycheck to paycheck. Before this shutdown, I was already struggling financially and to make matters worse my car died on me. Since I was upside down on my vehicle and it was no longer running, I was unable to trade it in so I was able to get another vehicle but now have to pay two car notes. I was 2 months into a debt consolidation program to pay down my debt and try to revive my credit but now…HA! I can forget about it.

Since missing my paycheck, I am now severely behind on both my car payments, which the no payments are wrecking havoc on my credit, which in turn has gotten me denied over and over for an emergency loan. My bank account is withdrawn by -$350, I am late on other bills and I literally have $30 to hopefully our next payday which should be on Jan 25. But all the while, these millionaire Senate members are having steak and lobster, sleeping soundly at night without a care in the world. What a joke!

I have completely lost ALL faith in this government and this country. No one is trying to reach a compromise to get us paid. Everyone is completely self-absorbed and are using us as political hostages in their sick game of “who’s the boss”. I feel completely disgusted and sickened by all of them! People are truly suffering! The only lesson I can say I have learned from all of this is to be smarter with my money and save, save, save! But never in a million years have I ever imagined that slavery would come back into play. FORCING PEOPLE TO WORK AGAINST THEIR WILL IS SLAVERY!!! I for one, do not like my job, but I’m good at what I do and I was getting a paycheck to LIVE!!!! The promise of back pay is NOT ENOUGH!!!! I NEED MY PAYCHECK NOW!!!! Not in some distant, unforeseen future.

Every single one of these politician, Democrats & Republicans, who have caused and allowed this shutdown to continue this long should NOT be getting paid! If 800,000 plus government and federal contractors are missing their paychecks, so should they until the government reopens. I would really like to see how many of them can live without their income for 25 days and counting.

We did not want this fight. I’m sure more than half of us did not even know what this was even about before we were either furloughed or forced to work WITHOUT pay. I do not care about some damn wall, I care about providing a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes on my back. This is NOT our fight, so why are we being punished????!!!

And to everyone who is not affected and those that say “oh, they can miss one paycheck” or “they will get back pay” or “they can just find another job”…you are truly ignorant of the reality for some of us. Everyone cannot get a loan, everyone does not have a savings, everyone cannot miss a paycheck (even one), everyone cannot just go out and magically find a job that pays comparable to the one they had. Finding another job is not that easy. Minimum wage jobs are abundant but who can survive off that. Some of these federal workers have mortgages, multiple car notes, credit card debt…expenses that only a decent salary can they afford these things. Have you seen rent prices these days? It is not easy to just land another decent paying job. What world are people living in? Not getting paid is like a snowball effect for people live paycheck to paycheck. It is completely disastrous on us financially. My current lease will be up in May but if I get evicted for not being able to afford rent, then that goes on my credit so that when I try to get a new apartment I will not be able to. If my car gets repossessed , that goes on my credit and hurts my chances of getting financed in the future. Banks and landlords are not very sympathetic. I’m sorry but the reality is, they need their money just like we need ours.

I am just a single woman trying to make it in this life. At 31 years old, I have already had a very hard life and I am not perfect but I was finally trying to get my life back on track financially and mentally. I understand that life is hard and many times unfair but this is beyond unfair. I thought I lived in the greatest country there is but I have lost all faith in this country and its government leaders. I feel betrayed, abandoned and heartbroken. I pray for all my fellow federal workers that you all remain strong and do not let this break you.

I know if Trump read this, he would just laugh but my life is not a joke. I am a real person with real needs. So as I cry myself to sleep again tonight over where I am going to stay with my dogs when we are homeless, I will pray and hope for a miracle; that someone in Washington has the good sense to do something more and not let this shutdown drag on for much longer.

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