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Sometimes I think that I will sell my one of my Kidney to get Money

I can’t tell my name. I study in class 12th Science student. I think that there is nothing good in Life.

Even all the people talk about earning money through jobs and getting GOOD MARKS. Actually Both are related to each other. If you get good marks then you will get a good job and life will go on with comfort. I don’t believe in myself. I think that I can’t earn money because I can’t get good Marks. Sometimes I think that I will sell my one of my Kidney to get Money.

But that’s rubbish. I also think that If I can’t get money then what I am doing in this entire world. I am of no use like a piece of garbage . Whenever I look at the toppers I feel guilty really very guilty. Now some people will think that don’t compare yourself to others but this is a illogical statement.

This is reality. We can’t live without comparing ourself to others. I also think that I live in a house and even I have food to eat that is the basic necessities but I am not the one who should have these necessities, it should be given to a more capable child or we can say teenager because he/she will respect it. God has given me many things and I am thankful to them but I am the baddest person in the world. I have wasted all the money of my parents and in future they will accept it also. My teachers have trusted in me but they will soon accept that They have trusted the wrong child….

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  1. Child,do you think that scoring good marks means we are successful in life?
    I’m a girl who had scored 100% in 10th std and 96% in plus two.I spent 1 year for medical entrance repeat,but I couldn’t score well,but I cracked IISER,Pune and also I got a pretty good rank in Engineering Entrance.I got admission in one of the reputed engineering college and now I’m in the final year without any back papers.
    But do you think that I’m one of the happiest person?I have seen many friends envying at my success.But the truth is that I’m unhappy.I belong to family in which I can’t enjoy my freedom like others.Loneliness haunts me when I’m in my house.I am not even allowed to go outside alone for my own needs.This life makes me detached from others and now I prefer solitude.
    And I have faced betrayal of my friends and 2 break-ups.It is common in everyone’s life,I know.But the 2nd break-up had changed me,now I can’t love anyone that I have become a girl with no feelings.I feel my life is empty.I can’t find anyone to whom I can open my heart.
    Due to my fear of facing and interacting others,I’m constantly losing my opportunities in placement interviews.I can’t find a job even I cleared all the papers and passed technical test.My classmates who couldn’t score better than me are placed.But I can’t….

    Now dear friend,why do you feel sad by scoring low marks?Marks cannot judge you,dear…You will have a bright future,don’t worry…

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