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Happy with my boyfriend of 10 months

Happy with my boyfriend of 10 months <3 But my family doesn’t really seem to like that I’m with him :/ They don’t say it aloud but I feel it. Like, my brother doesn’t even acknowledge him when my boyfriend visits me at home.

My grandfather and stepmother have both told him outright not to go too often to our house, my grandmother has said something along the lines of “find someone you can be proud of,” and my dad’s the nicest to him but doesn’t like it that I’m all about my boyfriend.

I hate them for it ’cause it’s not like my studies are affected or anything. My boyfriend is really good for me and there is nothing in this world that can make me leave him.

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  1. my truly honest opinion is that he can’t be good while more than one person doesn’t like him and thinks he’s bad for you. You’re the one in love with him that’s why you can’t really see his flaws. Well, for you not to be in a hurricane. you can take a break and be by yourself and think what’s best for you. Your family will never want to harm me and they seem really nice not to force you to leave him or say that he’s bad out loud. Or maybe you can sit with them and see their points of view. Maybe what annoys them is that you are all over him and you give less care to other important things.

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