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My jaan forever

I was very flirting person; here flirt I refer means not hurting anyone felling just my motive was to see smile on everyone face. And so, days were very smoothly going and one day I met one girl who was so beautiful that I can’t stop staring her and the sudden thought was that I wish that she would be my wife.

She was wearing a simple white suit and that’s was so perfect like and after someday my flirting with were not was flirting I was in love with her and I dint hold that feeling into me so I directly told her what I felt about her but without expecting that she will be having same feeling for me because I mean love is not business that you want something in return and I dint stop loving her but after some month later she starting going away from me and this is so hard to make myself understand because at this time I am in deep love that going away thought will come that means I am thinking to die.

This pain I can’t express it’s like I am alive but inside I am all dead. I can’t tell her also how I hard its hurting me because she is having exams and I don’t want to get distract from that. So, the pain I am keeping with me only. Even I can’t express all my feeling that how much I love her like I can do anything for her. I can see her every time.

I stopped hearing songs because whenever I listen song I cry every time. I become so much emotional that I am crying still every single day or night from past 4 month. I love her.

And I dint want her to go away. People say do other things and move on but I tell you Mr./Ms that I might be tiny distract during that time but I can’t forget her at all and I will love her for ever I wish I would be her husband and so that I can love her every second and express my feeling till the end. Jaan you hearing me I love you golu golu si kahin ki. I miss you babu. Just goes two things either give me her or give me death. This pain I am not able to take. 🙁


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