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It messes with me a lot. I suddenly think me health is bad it gets me these nasty feelings that I can’t breathe and it both angers and scared the shit out of me.

I have asthma too so I also start to panic that it could be something worse. Like suddenly I’ll have moments where nothing feels right my breathing feels either slow or fast, I can never tell what. I run to my mom and I also get my inhaler, but it all feels so wrong. This may not make sense but in the moment I’m trying to write what makes me feel so bad because I cannot express in person to my family because I don’t think they’d understand.

My dad tries to take me to the doctors, but they say my oxygen levels are good. It’s this anxiety caging me in and I don’t know how to overcome it, I try to do things that distract me but it’s so hard when my mind is like THINK THIS THINK THAT IMAGINE THIS.

It’s so annoying and I just want to feel better. I’m sorry I didn’t decide to collect my thoughts first and then write it out, but I’ve deleted the things I wanted to write 3 times because my thoughts disturbed me in them.

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