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My 9 year old brother woke me up and sucked me off

A few months ago I was seventeen turning eighteen and I was home alone with my 9 year old brother.

I’m bisexual so I’m open about being some part gay. I actually was in my room when my brother walks in my room while I’m watching porn and I’m jacking off and my brother at the moment is staring at me while I’m beating my tender loin and he walks up and starts jerking me off until I cum and I was in disbelief that my brother just made me cum and its happened a few more times where he will just sit next to me watching me jerk off and sometimes doing it for me.

One time he woke me up at three in the morning and started to suck me off I was loving it he made me cum and I shot a huge load in his mouth. I’m supposed to see him during spring break I hope I don’t do it again.



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