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School is a nightmare

School is a nightmare.

And not for the typical reasons that one might consider a fifteen-year-old female to be concerned about. But rather its futility has reached the point where I feel as though I’m spending six hours of my life having my brain oscillated like a Scleractinian fossil.

The problem is, it is to no avail on my part, and I an torn between pity through not being habituated to their ugly norms, and anger for being so greatly affected by something so pointless.

My chronic health issues severely impair my cognitive functions and so I feel the need to comply only in order to build up enough energy to perhaps enlighten them on how I am forced to learn nothing for six hours a day, my growing awareness of their retardation being an exception.

I wouldn’t usually ask for sympathy, probably because I’ve not experienced any amount sufficient enough to expect it, I just like a good rant, and I have a question.

I am curious, of not sympathetic, is anybody empathetic?

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  1. The only thing you need to know for sure is that YOU are constant. Everyone and everything goes away. That is the bitter truth. So I would suggest don’t be too worried about how the world thinks and start finding yourself. Are you empathetic? Are you kind hearted? If you are, don’t let the world dull that. If it got you to a point where you question the existence of kindness, you should know just how rare it is these days to not witness it in person so easily. Be the person that is seen. Be the kindness that is seen. Be the light that you’re looking for. And maybe one day, another girl with doubts in her mind would look at you and have a reason to believe that the world isn’t so bad after all.

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