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Someone who knows the family.

Vincent why do you put stuff on here about your family grow up stop acting like a fool you was there when you mother passed and you caused her death.but you and your wife was the ones always acting out at Walmart Chambersburg pa and giant food store assaulted your sister, and sister in law, called Fulton county pa child services on your sister and brothers children.

Your the one who hates your family grow up you say your a christian and you act like this your nothing but a fool read your bible and go to a real church and get your demons out Vincent egor martz is posses with demons and is Satan Also Vincent e martz called Fulton county pa child services on his sisters children and brothers and families Vincent caused the martzs bad situations with the county child services martz defence The scenes egor created was at chambersburg pa Walmart cussing yelling harassment of family members foaming making threats we the martzs did file assault and harassment charges on Vincent we had fear of what he will do to the family with his demon posses state Vincent martz is at fault for the death of his niece Nikki.

Your brother is a master free mason in mcconnellsburg pa.And he is a pastor in the mcconnellsburg pa area!Your brother has powerful friends in Washington dc and the mcconnellsburg pa area and he can and will liquidate (get rid of) you Vincent e martz. You caused your brother and his wife marriage situations. And your brothers wife cheated on him which is your fault.The things you did to your brother and his wife are not right.The mcconnellsburg pa state police have been contacted on you.We want you gone.Someone, usually a disliked human, who feigns a friendship with others and families in the presumption that everyone and family will return that friendship, but no one likes him/her not our families the martzs (except for the 1 or 2 attention whore sidekicks). E-gor’s can often be found at places/parties where they are not accepted, invited, or liked. Egor vincent is not part of the Harold martz jr. family we hate him. Foams at the mouth,screams out of control,we contacted the mcconnellsburg pa state police, your going to prison for what you did to your brother and his wife.

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