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I am in fact a lucky person

I am in fact a lucky person, a university student who has friends, family, and people who care about him. I am studying what I’d been dreaming of since high school. I must say I am grateful and should be happy with things I have, but I’m not, and this makes it even worse as not only I’m unhappy but also I feel guilty and ungrateful about it.

I consider myself to be relatively intelligent, and I think about many things, especially in a philosophical manner. During the past couple of years, however, the life of my family has changed drastically (which nobody knows); as a result, we have moved away from my home town. What has happened is I have become the only help and hope my parents have.

I can’t talk to anyone about the problems in my life, not even with my parents. The amount of mental pressure I’ve been bearing is somewhat unimaginable. All I ask for is someone to talk to. Someone to have in arms while she whispers to my ears she will become my hope. I am losing all power I have to keep standing for my family who I care for the most, but I can feel my knees bending.

I have never been with anyone because of my philosophy in life. I don’t want something superficial; I’m not talking about marriage or something long-term, but I feel it is not fair to her and myself If we both don’t enjoy every moment we have together. In this way, however, I am alone, and seeking love in my life. I’m getting crushed from within and outside. God, if there’s one, help me.


  1. Dont wry its part of life. Do u think u have a good life. No , u spend your life. Not live.
    Instead of spending time, start living it.someone once told me to always live for the little things in your life. Live for sunrise and sunset at 5pm whr u will see the colours of the sky which evn don’t exist. Live for road trips and bike rides with musicin your ears and wind in your hair. Live for the little things becz they will make you realize tht this is wht is life around this is what it means to be alive

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