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I enjoy having sex with guys

Here in this world we live in it takes many kinds to make the world go around, for me, I’m gay and proud of it.

I enjoy having sex with guys, I like oral sex and I like anal sex, I specially like it when I have a guys cock is in me. I like any position there willing to give me some dick.

My last real guy friend use to do me three times a month, no condoms all natural bare back. It was so good as he was thrusting as hard as he could, I could never get him to really grab my hips and slam home fast as ever, but then he got righteous or some thing, said I couldn’t come by any more cause he had a nosy neighbor who was a cop.

Even when I said who cares about the nosy neighbor he still doesn’t want me to come over any more.

I guess he’s having sex with the neighbor now.

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