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I’m a thirteen year old female and I have a crush

I’m a thirteen year old female and I have a crush on someone I met online.

She is fifteen and a lesbian.

I live all the way in the UK and she lives in the USA

I met her on a writing app and she posted some art for her fan fiction and I thought she was a great artist so I complimented her about it.. Then we started talking..

We met on October of 2018 so we have known each other for about half a year now..

After a month of talking, we exchanged emails and started talking even more.. pretty much everyday, and that’s when I started having feelings for her.. after the new year, we started talking on discord and my feelings grew even more for her.. and I know it’s stupid to fall for someone you’ve never actually met, but we’ve face timed and I feel like I can trust her..

We are now best friends but we still haven’t met each other and we can’t cause, we’re still young

I don’t want to tell her how I feel because what’s the point? She lives so far away and I’m scared she won’t like me back, and then we will lose what we already have..

I need some advice.. THANK YOU!

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