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That is when I realized I was basically nothing to her

Today I received sad news from a friend. I have known this friend for years. On Friday we hanged out with my other close friend. From 3 o’clock to 7 pm we spent the day together as we do it every Friday.

We all went home excited and even planned to meet for dinner night. But on Monday I saw her at school, she seemed sad. It made uncomfortable. This was the first day we have not spoken in four years. Tuesday, was a day we planned to have our own snack session during break time in school. We both brought snacks, but no word said. I become confused and sad. We had a plan to join this activity together but she told she was not doing it anymore, I was so confused that I said OK.

Wednesday passed no word from her. Me, her and my other friend were in a group chat. She posted that she has been stressed out lately and basically does not want friends anymore. THIS BROKE MY HEART. Tears started falling down, and I WAS SO SHOCKED. That is when I realized I was basically nothing to her. She also said that she made a promise to someone five years ago that she will not have friends and will focus on education. I asked my self does true friendship ever really exist. We basically did everything together, she even said we were going to the same college but that was never true sadly. I AM TRULY SORRY.

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