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I am travelling through

Hi friends myself Georgy. So, I came here to say something that I am travelling through… In this world there are lots of people have many feelings because of racism, non-equality and even fights for their colour. Y? Is it all good? I have an experience last few weeks. I gone for an interview. I saw only 5 peoples came for interview and we all are graduates.

Two of them are engineers one is BA economics passed and other one is a cute lady and she too a BA passed and last one me looks like a dark boy with good dress came for interview and am BA English literature. So, interview was going on and all 3 are selected we two boys rejected. And the reason is we are dark complexion. Seriously for the first time I feel very sad and bad about my looks and colour.

Then I realized that this is the problem that I don’t have a girlfriend and my friends too sometime laugh at me, but this all thing I just ignored. Because I know that whoever makes fun of me, I can handle it all. But I have a belief that my parents won’t make fun of me. And yesterday my mom and dad were saying that OUR SON WON’T GET ANY JOB BECAUSE OF HIS COLOUR, BEFORE HIS BIRTH TOO I PRAY THAT I NEED A CUTE GOOD COLOURED KID, BUT GOD IS SO CRUEL HE SEND THIS BLACK THING….

That’s all. I heard it from our home entry door, and I left there and came to a beach nearby and sat there for a while. Lots of thoughts on mind that…. Actually, who likes me, who thinks of me, if someone thinks what all they think, will they think bad, will they make fun of me etc etc… And there is saw one of my friend Afnan she was my school friend. By seeing her I forgot everything and ran to her and asked DO U REMEMBER ME.? She said of course not. And who r u…. Do I say to her that our old memories in school?

By that she remembered, and she was with her friends so she said to me that YA I REMEMBER WE CAN TALK LATER NOW ITS LITTLE BUSY and she walk to her friends. Actually, I feel so sad. On school days I even fights for her with a senior boy who always disturbs her and, on that days, she gave me many meatballs for helping her. And she too said that I am her good and best friend… But now it’s been 1 5 years passed and she forgot everything.

At evening I go back to home. There my parents as usual treats me very good and like a formality mom said YOU LOOK GOOD TODAY SON… I just smiled and came to my room. And I slept on today morning like always I gone with my certificates for interviews. As usual I didn’t get job todays reason is superb that NEED EXPERIENCE… so I said to them that ASKING FOR EXPERIENCE IS GOOD, BUT FOR THAT EXPERIENCE I NEED A JOB. How can someone get experience without jobs…? All looking beauty and experience and the people like me who don’t have these both will do what?

In my opinion this is how thieves, terrorist and killers are born, but am trying to not to be. Seriously am trying but I don’t know who me in future will be… Neither good one nor the bad ugliest beast.

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