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Man. Men have dicks

Man. Men have dicks, they have dicks cause they are a dick themselves. It’s just my culture i guess, men want to be in power but the truth is they are weak, miserable and insecure. They get scared, they feel intimidated when women unleash themselves. If this is what all the men in the world are like, I guess from now onwards I’m a lesbian. I hate being controlled, I won’t have this life.

My mother told me, a wise women must always ensure that everyone (especially men) have had enough food, and then see what is left for her to eat. But no one cares if there’s even any food left for me. Dietary intake for men may be slightly higher than women, women still need food!

Men are meant to be the bread winners, yeah, aren’t they? Why is that I work two jobs and you get all of my money. Stealing away all my travel goals and dreaming wedding savings. While he quit his job just cause he doesn’t like it when people are mean to him. Don’t I deal with shit? That’s how weak you are.

I work two jobs but when I get home, I am expected to do the chores, why? Why can’t you ever do the dishes? It’s filthy! Yeah it is. All the filthy jobs are me to do.

I try my best. I contain my anger in me. I always let you have the last word. You never apologize but i forgive. But one day, when i can’t take it anymore, I just spread my wings and fly. I will work hard and life an amazing life. I will be happy. You make me feel like, I’m the cause of your unhappiness. Maybe, when I leave, you’ll be happy too.

I will be a strong independent women, determined to help others, i will raise a beautiful family. I don’t know about the future. But, at this point I have no faith in love. I will adopt three beautiful girls. I will always keep men away from my personal life.


  1. I think you are met a bad example of a man. I think you are/were with a man child.

  2. I think you met a bad example of a man. Not all men are like that, small portion of us but not the majority even though it sometimes people think that. But please don’t hate every man for one persons wrongs, not a good mentality.

  3. You’re right actually. It’s just most men that I grew up with. Which I suppose is my culture again. Worst one was the one who raped me as a kid. But not everyone is like that, I just needed to vent.

    Thanks 🙂

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