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I am an 18 years old girl

i am an 18 years old girl. Good in studies and art. want to become a musician. Cute looking, but problem is inside. Parents got divorced and living with dad. I have not seen my mother even once have never talked to her. All the day I feel very lonely. Have friends but cant tell them what is going on in my head.

Have no boyfriend. My first love is my friend now I have told him about my feelings but he do not like me in that way. Plus I am scared of making relationships.

I have no one. I dream to become a musician but I am so hopeless with my life. I feel like throwing myself away. I wanna go far way place where I can shout like crazy and let those sad thoughts out. I want to smile and want love. I want a hug. I want someone to hold my hand. And pat my head and I want to see my mother hold onto her and never leave her.


  1. I can feel what u feel. Im sorry that my english not really well. But I think we were in some situation. I can play some instrumen that if I want to be musician I can go that way. But my parents not really like it, they won’t me to be something like that. Im not smart, Im just an ordinary 17 yr old girl. I dont’t know wht I shloud to do. I have no friend, but I have a crush tht him existence not really help me. Tonight Im so tired with him. I feel like i want to cry, I just listened my playlist and Im going to cry 🙁

  2. I feel you. But I think you must focus on being a musician, even though you feel hopeless, keep on trying, it all may seem difficult right now, but you’ll get out of all the problems. You’ll see a broader world and luckily you’ll also find someone who’ll love you more than anyone. Wish you luck. 😉

  3. Dear 18 year old girl,
    I’m not a girl. I’m a 61 yo man. But my parents were divorced when I was 10. Still, I know many of the feelings you have. I am a musician and have studied several instruments, I have sung in my high school chorus, and have performed in a few school musicals. I understand, music is my love, as it seems it is yours. Through everything else, hold tight to this. It will help you. It is the positive thing you seek in your life.
    You will not always be under your father’s control. When you are able to, seek out your mother. Look to that time in your life. But while you must wait, your music will keep you strong.
    Others like us are reading this and support you. Be strong. Hold on. We love you!
    Find happiness in this! 🙂

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