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I am an 18 years old girl

i am an 18 years old girl. Good in studies and art. want to become a musician. Cute looking, but problem is inside. Parents got divorced and living with dad. I have not seen my mother even once have never talked to her. All the day I feel very lonely. Have friends but cant tell them what is going on in my head.

Have no boyfriend. My first love is my friend now I have told him about my feelings but he do not like me in that way. Plus I am scared of making relationships.

I have no one. I dream to become a musician but I am so hopeless with my life. I feel like throwing myself away. I wanna go far way place where I can shout like crazy and let those sad thoughts out. I want to smile and want love. I want a hug. I want someone to hold my hand. And pat my head and I want to see my mother hold onto her and never leave her.

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