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What do you do when people cause your insecurities?

What do you do when people cause your anxieties and insecurities?

I honestly always have great and supportive friends so really there shouldn’t be a reason why i’m so insecure, but there’s one person.

A person that I can’t cut out of my life. Why aren’t you as skinny? As pretty as that person? If you lose weight, you’ll be pretty. Why don’t you get plastic surgery to fix this? I live almost everyday with these comparisons, with all my imperfection pointed out even in front of people in public. The answer may seem simple. Stop talking to the person then.

But what if the person is my mother. What’s worse is she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. Even when I point it out, it’s always me exaggerating or overthinking things.

It’s as if the idea is too wild for her to even consider. I guess I’ll keep living like this until one day I finally be able to stop caring about her opinion. One day I might feel like I actually deserve to have other life experiences like other people. One day I might believe someone can be attracted to me. One day I’ll stop hating myself when I look in a mirror. They say you gain confidence as you age and I really hope that’s true…

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