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I have peeped on my step daughter

I have peeped on my step daughter when she was completely alone, unaware, and naked. I had my pants down masturbating while I was peeping on her in the nude. The first time I peeped on her naked she was in her old bedroom and peeped through her door hole and I was watching her dry off with a towel.

I then saw her lay down and rub lotion on her naked body looking at everything on her while stroking myself. Other times when she would knock on my and her mom’s bedroom door to tell me she was going to take a shower.

I would wait till she had shut the door then I would get up and peek through a tiny crack and watch her undress.

I have also sniffed her dirty underwear and I would get off to her feminine Odor. I’m Now at that point to where now I want to have sex with her and get her pregnant. I will not rest until I make that happen.

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