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I grew up mostly with my grandparents

I am twenty-two years. I grew up mostly with my grandparents if you would like to hear more about my life you can drop your comments below.

My grandfather birthday was the same as mines. We shared a father daughter relationship also. Every year we celebrated it together. Our birthdays was special because I would look forward for outing candles and sticking cakes together.

One night grandpa and I were watching the television when the strangest thought came to my mind. My thought was what will I do if I lose you “grandpa”.

The very next day my parents came to take me on a holiday. I wasn’t comfortable in leaving but I did. A few hours past, by a phone call saying that my grandpa died.

I was devastated, its like the world had end. I stood there in the funeral as if I was lost. My body trembled like I was suffering from fits. I was broken.

A few years passed by and I am currently traumatised by the incident. I tooked my education seriously and aiming for my dream job.

Death can take the best of us sometimes!

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  1. I’m sorry you lost your grandpa. I imagine he would be proud of what you are accomplishing, trying to make a living for yourself in this crazy world. I think it inspires to be a good future grandparent to our future grandkids, seeing how kind our grandparents are and how it meant to us.

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