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I think my sister is hot and I don’t want that feeling to go away

When I was a sophomore in high school, I got attracted to my oldest sister who is five years older than me (I do have a younger sister and I am their only brother).

She went to a university and came home every other weekend. During her time back at home she would watch movie or a TV show and I would be in the adjacent room working on my computer.

When it was late and everyone was asleep, she would strip down to her bikini panties and a T-shirt. She had and still does have the nicest ass I’ve every seen on a girl, with some beautiful tits and a pair of legs to compliment her whole body.

When you are in your teens, your male hormones go crazy and my sister got them stirred up a lot. It has been six years and my sister has an apartment near her work in the city.

I am of age now and I have been out with her and she really likes my company. She does have a boyfriend but he is hardly every around because he goes out of town for work. And when he leaves, he tells me to watch over her.

Believe me I do and I’ve been doing favors for her to get on her good side. Sometimes when I do spend a night over her place she lets me sleep with her and she lets me hold her during the night. She drives me crazy, when I feel her ass rubbing my body. I think she knows that I do have a thing for her, but she hasn’t say anything about it.

Bottom line is that, I still think my sister is hot and I don’t want that feeling to go away.

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