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She was seventeen and I was eleven

My sister use to ask me to watch her bathe and talked to her. She was seventeen and I was eleven. Is this normal. She would undress in front of me and stand up to bathe and shave her private area. Please give honest opinions.


  1. I would say it isn’t normal, but … define “normal” …
    The older I get, the stranger normality seems to be. I’m starting to believe that we keep so many things in secret, that the visible part of our lives is among the least normal in this life. I mean, your sister seems to have been looking for some, any experience with her own sexuality, she most likely was too ashamed for her interests so she would not dare to share with anybody else, less with your parents. It seems like she trusted in you to keep these things in secret while allowing her to act in a way she somehow desired to act. There may be quite a lot of reasons and experiences behind, driving her to behave the way she did. The one thing I dare to be quite sure about is that she did not mean to do harm to you, but at that age our mind is a terrible mixture of emotions and inexperience, we almost don’t have the slightest idea of what we are doing while being so sure that we know exactly.

  2. So I’m 18 currently at the moment and my sister is 13 and we’ve been messin around for like 3 yrs now and even my little cousin she’s 14 has gotten involved and idk what to do I need help like I love fucking them all the time and we do it everywhere but I feel like I should end things but deep down inside I rlly want to keep doing it

  3. Being naked around your family members is more normal than you would think. Not because we’re crazy, but because there’s nothing wrong with it in the first place. Say if you’re a mom and you have a four year old child, but you need to take a dump, you’re gonna take a dump with them in the bathroom because you need to keep an eye on them anyway. And who cares if they see your vagina.
    And in my Asian cultures, it’s normal to take baths and showers with your family members, whether it be brother sister or dad and daughter, etc.
    Why would that be weird if you don’t have anything weird cross your mind?

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