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My mum had pornstar boobs

I was 11 it was the middle of the night I said mom can I sleep with you? she said sure honey in a tired voice my mom was 20 had pornstar boobs a clean shaved pussy and a pornstar ass and looked like Selena Gomez and was pure white and had blue eyes so I cuddled with her and she always slept naked btw.

So she’s naked and I’m right behind her and my dick shoots up I had like an 4.3 inch I was already in puberty so she wakes up and I’m awake she pulls down my shorts and underwear and just starts pushing her ass into me and I start pushing into her then she cums turns around tells me to get on top of her and I do.

Then I start going in her and licking her boobs and burying my face in her boobs she’s wet and her nipples are rock hard and I go slow at first then faster and faster then she finally starts cumming all over my dick and I get off and start licking her pussy like and icecream cone for 2 hours straight and then I play with her boobs and she gives me head for 30 mins and I cum 6 times and then she says wow your… your better then ur dad hehe 🙂

Me: your not so bad yourself now gimme some more pussy bitch then I fuck her doggy style for 3 more hours then its 6:00 pm :me I need to go to school mom: ill drive you then she drives me to school and I just so happened to have recorded the whole thing and I showed all my friends and that’s how I became the most badass most loved by girls most coolest kid in school THE END btw I’m 11 and I live in Arizona in rita ranch #RitaRanchMartailArts #IceBear#Kanye#PixleGun3d#GHE#PlanetCraftINtheAppStore#KianLeaderOfGHEBestClanInPlanetCraft#Scar#Kanye#Irushisyourdad#ImIceBear#IloveYouGhe


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