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I’m a recovering addict

I’m a recovering addict, and I met a guy in the rooms. I have so many feelings for him, but I feel like he doesn’t notice me at all.

He’s bi, but has a preference for girls. I’m a trans man, only had top surgery, but I’m leaning towards identifying as non binary as I sometimes feel like a girl. However, he hasn’t said anything about liking me, and so I feel like I’m going crazy with thoughts and feelings.

Should I just tell him I like him and want to date him? I feel like if he asked me to jump, I’d ask how high, and if he told me to jump off a bridge I would- that’s how intense these feelings are.

I’m also worried that if he tells me he doesn’t want me or like me, that I may relapse on drugs again… So that’s why I haven’t said anything yet, because I’m scared either way what will happen.

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