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I’ve had a number of affairs.

I’ve had a number of affairs.

My wife knows that I’ve been with one other woman while we’ve been together. It was while we were apart, while she travelled. However, she is unaware of the other eleven or so women that I’ve been with.

One of the women I’ve been with, we were seeing each other for about 2 years, and we did everything sexual you could think of – unprotected sex every time, even when she’d stopped taking her pill, anal, toys, fisting, outdoor sex, sex on public transport, her house, my house, sex while each of us was on the phone with family.

Another one of the women was a friend of my wife and mine for years, and she finally admitted her feeling toward me, and we saw each other as often as we could. She went on the pill immediately so that I could cum inside her. We were seeing each other for about a year.

Another women was more an emotional relationship, however we did fool around a lot, kissing, oral, touching etc, and sex once. She made me feel amazing, and I made her happier than her boyfriend made her.

Most of the others were casual hookups that lasted between 1 time, and a number of months.

My wife has always been very plain when it comes to sex, regardless of the number of times we’ve talked about it, and I have a very high sex drive (apparently an inherited family trait, ha ha).

These experiences were great fun, and let me experience things I never would have been able to at home. I do miss some of the things I’ve done with these women, and do sometimes wish I could do them again.

Since all this I turned a corner and have pulled myself together and have not even spoken to another woman in a sexual manner for a couple years now.

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