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I do not know how can I release my stress

Hello everyone! Today I’m sad. I do not know how can I release my stress and my sorrow. I’m just lost my boyfriend. I can’t cry.

There is nobody for me to share, no shoulder for me to cry on right now. I feel like all of my emotions are stuck inside annoyingly. I want to cry heavily. But I can’t. Everyone all think I’m a strong person. Right now I’m pretending to be fine. Actually I’m crying and dying inside. My heart is burning but I don’t know how to be just a normal other girls.

I just want to be protected. Am I wrong that I come out so strong??? Am I wrong that I just need a person to hear and understand my feelings? I always listen to others stories and sympathize with them, but everyone claims that I’m strong enough to overcome everything. PEOPLE I’M JUST SO TIRED.

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