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I do not know how can I release my stress

Hello everyone! Today I’m sad. I do not know how can I release my stress and my sorrow. I’m just lost my boyfriend. I can’t cry.

There is nobody for me to share, no shoulder for me to cry on right now. I feel like all of my emotions are stuck inside annoyingly. I want to cry heavily. But I can’t. Everyone all think I’m a strong person. Right now I’m pretending to be fine. Actually I’m crying and dying inside. My heart is burning but I don’t know how to be just a normal other girls.

I just want to be protected. Am I wrong that I come out so strong??? Am I wrong that I just need a person to hear and understand my feelings? I always listen to others stories and sympathize with them, but everyone claims that I’m strong enough to overcome everything. PEOPLE I’M JUST SO TIRED.

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  1. I think what you’re saying is you’re use to hearing from others that you are a strong person who will get through it, and you know you are but… you want to cry with someone over it and yell at them over it. Just scream and yell that it’s not fair and just sob against someone’s shoulder. I listen to ‘boyfriend asmr comfort’ videos on YouTube where it’s just someone’s voice comforting. I feel the same way this week, like I want to be vulnerable with someone and just feel.

    I imagine it’s raining. Heavy rain pouring down and a friend who is concerned for me follows me or I drag them with me away somewhere private where there is no one else around like a hilltop. They would ask me how am I, because they have been concerned. Then I imagine me breaking down, resting my head on their shoulder as in wail and sob. They rub my back as I tell them what’s wrong and they stay there with me till I get tired from all the crying and fall asleep in their arms.

    I like to write, can you tell? Anyway I hope you are feeling better now. Wish I saw this post sooner to try and comfort you sooner. Have a good night.

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