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I am teen and I have had this crush on this guy

I am teen and I have had this crush on this guy for 3 years now.

I really loved him a lot and a lot where words can’t describe much feelings I had for him (Well have for him). The worse part is within four months of finding that I love him him, He started dating this girl. Well I was sad at first but now I then got used to it.

Now they have been dating nearly for 2 years. Well actually he is older than me and so he left after finishing his school.

Its been lot of days since i saw him. I really made so much of memories which sometimes haunt me (we are actually kinda of close friends).

I have shared this to few my best friends. Only to my Best Best Friend I have really opened up to her so I feel like I don’t have a heavy heart but I just miss him, scared to tell that I love him (cause I don’t want to ruin our friendship), and the good freaking memories haunt me and I did cry a few times.

I want myself to be strong but for that I got to forget him which is impossible. I seriously don’t know what the hell is happening in my life nor to me.

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  1. Hello. fantastic job. I did not imagine this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

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