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I was playing at the park with my 4 year sister

I was playing at the park with my 4 year old sister, and people gave me suspicious looks.

I’m thirteen years older than she is, that’s twenty years old. But we have a clear resemblance to each other, despite being a child and an adult.

None of the other kids or grown-ups noticed this; all they saw was a little girl alone with adult male. They assumed the worst without knowing anything.

I ignored the looks and enjoyed the playtime with my younger sibling. When we were heading to the exit, a red-haired woman blocked our path.

She asked me, in an accusatory tone, what my relationship with my little sis was. I told her, in an offended tone, that that was none of her dang business.

My little sis tried to defuse the situation by telling the lady not to worry and that I was her big bro.

The woman said “Really” in an utterly skeptical tone, and asked if she could speak to the child alone. I Flatly refused, and furiously ordered the woman to move out of our way.

When she questioned why I wouldn’t let her speak to my sister if we were really related, I lost my patience and grabbed her by the throat.

I told her that me being a man alone with a young girl did not make me a pedophile or kidnapper, and that she and the rest of those sexist shrews in the park should be ashamed.

Letting her fall to the ground, I exited the park with my sibling. I was worried that that woman or someone would call the cops on me, but they didn’t.

I guess my words shamed them. That incident angers me to this day.

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