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I followed him and he text me like a desperate flirt

While Roaming here and there I get to know about someone living just in front of my house a boy aged eighteen used to come at my home now and then. Ours family kinda know each other very well but don’t talk.

One day I went downstairs for some work I got to see him. He was standing outside my house waiting for my brother to come. Although he also saw me but didn’t react much, on the other I was astonished to see him as he came by driving I think I got impressed the way he drive.

Then, all of the things started I used to wait on my terrace just to see him I don’t know why, what was it that made me to wait for him the whole day & even at nights, he started to stare at me, stealing glances and showing up the time when I used to be on my terrace or in veranda.

I was frustrated wanted to talk to him & know him so I did I made an account on some social site and had a chat it was quite okay but I didn’t tell him my identity and tricked him to tell about his house and the people living there.

Surprisingly he talked about me said that “A Stupid girl living front of my house stares me whenever I get out of my house, I feel ashamed and offending”
Even though he did the same with me he provoked me to stare at him by staring back at me.

I was pissed off on knowing this.

I deleted that account made another one and again had a chat by the way he was the one who text me first, only I followed him and he text me like a desperate flirt.

This time I got more clear signs of what a jerk he is, he said that “the girl living in front of my house flirts with every guy she sees”

I was unable to control my anger I again deleted that account and said bye bye to that social sites.

Now I don’t care bout him anymore still I know when he goes out of his house when comes in… actually gates in his house are jam noisy .

I Think I almost liked him but now I feel very bad whenever I go at Terrace and get to see his house its really irritating I think he is still an infatuation to me but the percentage is decreased now I am finding ways to get over him. I tried my best to avoid to look at his house but that’s not really possible as I spend a lot of my time in my veranda studying but I know by the time he entered in my mind I could not concentrate on my studies.

Thank you!

Please do tell me any solutions to this if you have.

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