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I want mom to let me lick her pussy

I’m 16 and I would do ANYTHING in the world to get my mom to let me lick her pussy.

She has a big thick sweet ass but it’s also perfectly shaped and tight and bouncy because she’s always working out and doing Pilates and stuff.

She always wears these super tight black yoga pants and half the time I can see her thong or G-string poking out over the top especially when she bends over.

I’m constantly checking out her ass and body; I’ve spied on her through the crack in the bathroom door several times when she hasn’t closed it all the way and took a shower.

She either waxes or shaves her pussy and its totally smooth… it looks so tight and perfect it’s just mouth-watering… the tip of my dick is like literally leaking precum just thinking about it haha.

I’ve stolen a few of her worn G-strings to jack off with and oh my God the scent of her pussy is sooooo sweet it’s like honey mixed with a flower mixed with who knows what… jacking off with that sweet smell in my nose and my tongue tasting her dried juice on her thong makes me shoot cum like a firehose.

I’ve had times where I literally squirt like 10 or 12 huge thick streams of cum over and over and it feels like it will never end, it feels sooo good. Ugh I’m dying even thinking about it haha. I doubt she’d ever let me lick it, but I can dream haha.


  1. I was able to do everything I wanted to do to my mother when she was drunk. When she drinks and gets really drunk she has no idea what she is doing and the next day she doesn’t remember anything at all. I’ve felt her up sucked on her nipples while fingering her and one night I was able to have sex with her and to this day she hasn’t said anything about it to me

  2. I love to pull dirty panties out of the hamper and smell them, taste them, wrap them around me and stroke. I would dine on dirty panties until time was no more!

  3. Don’t it will fuck you up. I did it for years started when I was around 10

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