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My brother bullies me

Hi! I’m a twelve year old boy who’s been bullied by his thirteen year old brother. I can’t seem to get anyone in my family to understand. Can anyone help me please?


  1. Tell him he’s a bully tell him to his face in front of your mom and dad or family and try to stay as far from him as you can I wish I could be more helpful I was bullied when I was a kid my whole life now on grown man I never call him talk to him or bother with him

  2. Hey dude dont take tention he is your brother if this is getting worse tell your parents they will surely take some actions or let him know about how much u love him there r no going backs kid its just a starting of your life u both can be the best buddies try to spend time together as i know he also loves u but afraid not to express it properly then make him realize <3 gud luck to u <3

  3. Dude. Punch him square on the tip of his nose as hard as you can without warning. Then tell him if he so much looks at you wrong you’ll kill him. I promise he’ll never touch you again.

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